Mordecai Msisha should prosecute Chilima- AG Thabo orders Kayuni

…..advises suspended DPP to reconsider

Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda has written to the suspended Director of Public Prosecutions Steven Kayuni asking him to allow Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) hire prominent lawyer Mordecai Msisha.

Chakaka Nyirenda has not responded to our questions sent through his mobile phone despite indication that he had read the message.

Among key questions are why did he write tó Kayuni who is serving suspensión after the fallout of his decision to get ACB Director General Martha Chizuma arrested.

In a confidential memó with file number MJCA/AG/023 written on 11 January 2023, which is 45 days after Kayuni had rejected the ACB request to hire Msisha to prosecute Chilima, the AG asks the DPP to change his mind.

“After careful considération of your decision, I am of the view you should revist your decision rejecting the appointment of Mr Mordecai Msisha SC, as public prosecutor in the specific cases that the Anti Corruption Bureau provided or is about to provide,” says Chakaka Nyirenda.

The Attorney General who at the start of the Zuneth Sattar cases infamously granted all public purse thieves amnesty says the approval should be restricted to specific cases.

This, according to our analysts, means that Msisha cannot prosecute other persons, especially those aligned to the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) should they ever be arrested by the ACB.

“I advise that you appoint Mr Msisha as tó prosecute specific a condition of the appointment and as is the case with any other lawyer appointed as a public prosecutor, you should require Mr Msisha to submit to your office and the ACB, progress reports regarding the matter (s) where consent has been granted for him tó prosecute,” adds Chakaka Nyirenda.

He repeats his instruction tó reveal his intentions; “Please note, the appointment should be specific cases and not a blanket appointment.”

Vice Président Chilima was arrested on 25th November 2022 and charged with recieving US$280 000 from Zuneth Sattar. Chilima has asked for patience saying he will answer the matters in court.

Contrary to Chilimas stance, MCP officials are using every legal text book trick, Malawi Police and political tricks to avoid árrést or prosecution. It is alledged many are twisting Président Lazarus Chakweras arm as he and the MCP are beneficiries of the corruption scams.

The MCP according to our first edition of The Investigator Magazine which can be bought in digitál format at réveals Sattar, who was spotted in Dubai last week, gave K800 million tó MCP officials.

The ACB was expected to arrest, according to our credible sources, suspended Chief of Staff Prince Kapondamgaga, Environment and Natural Resources Minister Einshower Mkaka and other MCP gurus when Kayuni, who was alsó being investigated fór pocketing K5 million fór a trip he never undertook in 2021 mooted arrest of Martha Chizuma the ACB Director General.

The discredited Commission of Inquiry headed by Justice Edward Twea released a report which did not answer the basic question on who ordered the arrest of Chizuma as Chakwera told Malawians he was not aware of the arrest too.

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