Nankhumwa leads in DPP leadership race

…Msaka, Kabambe tie on second

…Mwanamvenkha race over..

The Investigator Magazine poll of former ruling party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidates shows that if the party convention could be held today, it will be a three-way race favouring Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa.

The DPP is expected to conduct its convention in July this year where it will elect its third President. This will be the first president without bearing a surname Mutharika.

The poll was conducted between January 31st and February 10, 2023, and forms part of the Magazine’s approach to elections. The Investigator Magazine is conducting different polls on political parties, issues and leadership across different sectors, according to its country Lughano Mwalughali.

The poll which shows a three-way fight between Nankhumwa, former Chief Secretary and Machinga Likwenu MP Bright Msaka and former Reserve Bank Governor Dalitso Kabambe, with the race pretty much over for Joseph Mwanamvekha.

The poll of party members carried out by The Investigator Magazine in 16 political districts evenly split in four political regions of South, East, Central and North, gives Nankhumwa a 3-point lead over Msaka and Kabambe both of whom had 26%, with just 9% of those asked undecided.

Nankhumwa had 29% of the 221 party members who are likely to be convention delegates while Mwanamvenkha polled only 5%.  Former President Peter Mutharika, most of the respondent want him to retire.

Significantly, 60% of those asked say that they have already decided who they will vote for.

Party members were asked the question: “Who will you vote for to succeed Peter Mutharika as DPP leader?”, with 29% saying Nankhumwa, 26% for Msaka and Kabambe and Manamvenkha getting 5%.

Nankhumwa showed strong polling in rural votes and among all ages with a slight majority in the Southern districts of Thyolo, Mulanje, Mwanza and Chikwawa, whilst Kabambe pulled strongly in urban areas and among the young likely delegates and parts of eastern region districts of Balaka and came second in Mangochi.

Msaka pulled Zomba, Machinga and Mangochi and in central districts of Mchinji, Kasungu, Nkhotakota and Mzimba. Kabambe has strong showing in Nkhatabay, while Nankhumwa is viewed favourably in Karonga and Dedza.

The poll had a marginal error of 5 percent.

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