These are the first of the nominees in the following category. Winner of each category  will be announced on January 1, 2023.

We asked 50 specialists in different fields to compile the nominees. The public can send their comments on specific individual or institution by writing to or whatsapp 0999920866 or our Facebook Page comments or inbox.

Philanthropy, Human Security  and Social Protection Services to Malawi

1. Mr  Nopoleon Dzombe  for his Blessings Hospital and School for Agricultre for Family Independence (SAFI).- Health, Human Security and Social protection- These  initiatives have impacted directly in the lives of Malawians across the country. He is one of those few Malawians whose work and life touches the core values of Ubunthu including sharing of skills.

2. Rodwell Lumbe and The Citizen Initiave- Digital Philanthropy- He has harnessed power of social media to deliver life changing support to the most vulnerable in society. So far the initiative has assisted 33 individuals and 11 women  headed households. He will deliver his first ever Christmas luncheon for persons with disability on boxing day.

3. Mr. Pemphero Mphande, Social Media Influencer, Public Health and Philanthropy- He has galvanised Social media to respond to social and mental health issues. Entertain and scrutinise values of Malawians including belief in witchcraft, faith and family issues affecting society. He has most important of all he has used the pages to raise millions of kwachas for those in need.

4. FDH Bank Ltd- The Bank has responded and supported numerous social issues from University education to direct support to those in need in our communities including hospitals and prisons. The most being the K27.5 million donation in February 2022 to Flood victims. The Bank is a reflection of a true Malawian spirit of sharing with our neighbours. It is also a partner of the national football team. 

5. Mothers Day Fun Run by Nation Publications Ltd- In its, the initiative  has equipped our poorly resourced maternal health services contributing to improved material and child health. Hundreds of women ans newly born lives have been saved through the equipment and resources raised under this initiative.

Special mention; 

The panel indicated that the following initiatives deserve special mention:

1. Nzika initiative led by Chigomezgo Nyasulu Kawamba which is currently building classrooms in Nsanje after they were damaged by Cyclone. They also responded with items to Flood victims in Chikwawa.

2. Mr Roy  View Banda- philanthropy- Though he is a fashion designer and artist, Roy finds time to raise funds for school fees for many children and youth he has never met. So far this year alone he is managing over 20 young people in secondary and tertiary education.

3. Citizen Initiave on Covid-19- Led by Mr Stanely Onjezani Kenani and Dr Thandie Hara Msulira, the initiative mobilised support for various hospitals saving lives when Malawi was being ravaged by Covid. 

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