National Hall of Fame

National Service to the Environment and Protection of Nature

The following five nominees are recognised for their efforts in curbing Environmental degradation, raising the alarm to effects of human life on the environmental and their advocacy efforts including innovation in protection of nature and use of renewable energy.

1. Mathew’s Malata Jnr.- Advocate, he has been passionate advocate of Environment and is a self appointed policeman of clean cities. He has inspired a social media campaign  to name and  shame motorists, dumping areas and any issue related to protection of the environment. Mr Malata Jnr, noted our panel of nominators  is an inspiration to a generation that needs to do a lot to reverse environment degradation.

2. Honourable Nancy Tembo, M.P, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The panel notes that Mrs Tembo was an environmental ambassador par excellence during her tenure as Minister responsible. She launched  a clean my town campaign, inspired many to plant trees and she demonstrated passion and commitment  to making a difference in management and protection of Malawis natural resources.

3. Mr Bobby Kabango, Journalist- Nation Publications Ltd. His story of January  2021 on charcoal business in Malawi, remains one of the most important contribution to raising awareness on the diminishing forests  across Malawi. The results, though not extensive, indicated the important role the media can play in changing lives of Malawians as they seek alternatives to the devastating climate change consequences mainly contributed by wanton cutting down of trees.

4. Community Energy Malawi is an organisation that has been working to empower Malawians to have access to renewable energy. The organisation has worked and transformed various communities, making an important contribution towards sustainable use of the environment and natural resources.

5. Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

The trust has over the years dedicated its work to protecting wildlife and for long time had the only wildlife doctor in Malawi. In addition to its work, the Trust has a fuel briquette project that aims to offer people an alternative to traditional fuels such as charcoal and firewood. This is helping to reduce deforestation and watse management as they use watse from offices to produce the briquette and empowers local communities making them.

Special mention:

The following have been noted to have made vast contributions to protecting natural resources in Malawi;

1. Media:  Rabecca Chimjeka, Yvonne Sundu, James Chavula, Tiwonge Kampondeni, Charles Mkoka and Thomas Kachere for their articles  in relation to the environment and natural resources.

2. Hon Welani Chilenga MP, Chair of Parliament  Natural Resources Committee for his leadership.

3. The following institutions the Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocay, Malawi Wildlife and Environment Society and the Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (MAREP).

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