New DPP confirmed

The Public Appointments Committee of Parliament has confirmed Masauko Essau Chamkakala as the beware Direcor of Public Prosecutions.

The new DPP is expected to start his working this week and among other things he will have to decide the prosecution of Anti Corruption Bureau Director General Martha Chizuma.

PAC voted 14 out  of 16 members to confirmed him after the removal of Steven Kayuni who had been orchestrating a personal vendetta against Chizuma. President Chakwera said Kayuni had abused his powers as DPP.

Chamkakala is coming from 7 years being at the helm of defending the poor using a very underfunded Department of Legal Aid. He has been Director since March 2015.

According to his public profile, the new DPP had two Master of Laws degrees one in Women’s Law from Univesity of Zimbabwe and the other in Good Governance and the Rule of Law from Northern Ohio University.

He holds a  Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) was obtained from the University of Malawi.

Chamkakala has also been in South Sudan with the World Bank where he says  he was “Undertaking project assessments, investigations on malpractice in project administration including corruption, fraud, embezzlement.”

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