Parliament rejects Zamba’s vote

.. She snubs Parliament- Ben Phiri

Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba is never short of controversy. Her attitude towards Parliament has seen the house reject the vote for the Office of the President and Cabinet for this first time in parliamentary history.

Thyolo Central MP Ben Phiri said the SPC has been snubbing Parliament and it would not be appropriate for the house to approve her vote.

Zamba has been avoiding to appear before the House, at one point she sent her Deputy Dr Janet Banda and completely shunned a probe into allegations of impropriety levelled against her by then deputy Chief Executive of the National Oil Company (NOCMA) Hellen Buluma.

Zamba and Secretery for Energy Alfonso Chikuni were summed to respond to Buluma allegations but both of them snubbed the probe.

On Wednesday MPs denied the OPC its K19.82w budget as they raised discontent over the her attitude.

Government side quickly panicked and mobilised their numbers later in the afternoon and managed to pass the vote.

A legislator who did not want to be named told The Investigator this is a warning to other government officials who believe they are not accountable to Parliament.

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