Police to spend K2bn on uniforms

The tax payer will have to cough K1.9bn to dress up Malawi Police Services,  a prospective award of tender notice has revealed.

The MPS has always refused to disclose number of Police officers citing security reasons but it is estimated there are between 10,000 and 15,000 cops in the country.

Intention to award a contract in newspaper

This means if the estimate is correct, each cop will be dressed at the cost between K135,000 to K200,000 for his uniform set. The intention to award contracts published on 15 December 2022 are expected to go ahead by Thursday 29 December 2022 if no one objects to their award.

The MPS wants undisclosed metres of general duties cloth which is to be awarded to Hall & Sicco logistics Ltd valued at K842,994,000.00. Shoes and other accessories contract has been awarded to Titan International at the cost of 561 800 000.00.

Choma Entreprise is expected to deliver caps at K321 337 779.00 and the same company will be awarded a contract to supply K771 613 305.00 Police Mobile Service cloth.

A Police officer said the cost is likely to go up as someone will have to make the actual uniforms  as these are just the cloth.

Police procurements have been subject to audit and corruption investigations since 2010 as the contracts were being dominated  by a few selected suppliers.

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