President Chakwera suspends Chizuma

…Zamba claim based on yet to be pleaded charges

President Lazarus Chakwera has interdicted the Anti-Corruption Bureau Director Martha Chizuma ending a year of cat and mouse chase, which the President and his team wanted Chizuma out of office.Chakwera’s decision comes hours after the ACB obtained warrant of arrest against MCP Secretary General Eisnhower Mkaka and former Director of Public Prosecutions Steven Kayuni.In a letter the Office of the President and Cabinet has written to Chizuma today, stops her from acting in the post with immediate effect. Effectively Chizuma suspension will pave way for a MCP favoured deputy director Hilary Chilomba to take charge and remove the Zuneth Sattars case which the Tonse Alliance has been working day and night to throw it out.The Investigator Magazine can reveal that Mkaka and Zamba were among the senior government officials that pressurised Police to arrest Chizuma. The President feigned knowledge of the plot and nobody from the Malawi Police Service was fired as they would have revealed the plot.The Section 6 Corrupt Practices Act however does not give powers to Zamba to suspend the ACB Director. Only the President can fire or suspend the ACB Director.Ironically, the interdiction is based on charges which Chizuma is yet to take plea on which is set on 8th February 2023 of which Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba says she has received a court report.The Secretary to the President and Cabinet has lied that Chizuma is answering charges that are yet to be read to Chizuma and she is yet to take plea.The cartel that is pursuing Chizuma has been in a hurry to “deal with her” before the new Director of Public Prosecutions Masauko Chamkakala reviews the case.The President, who has shown not to be in charge, is unlikely to discipline Zamba or anyone involved as he has been part and parcel of the plot from the beginning.Zamba’s letter is likely to raise questions on credibility of the President and rile donors who threatened sanctions and travel bans of all corrupt officials and their relations.We can also reveal that Chakwera will reinstate Chitipa MP Kezzie Msukwa once he is cleared of the Zuneth Sattar matter based on what is happening underground to undermine justice against the corrupt suspects within the MCP.Malawians in the diaspora are lobbying for sanctions against Chakwera’s administration.

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