Pro- Sattar HRCC wants Chizuma out

The disgraced Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) which has become an epitome for corruption still wants the ACB Director Martha Chizuma to be fired.

Comically, the grouping is silent on the alleged person who recorded and leaked Chizumas audio identified by the Edward Tweas Commission of Inquiry on the arrest of the ACB  boss.

HRCC is being funded by personalties that have corruption cases including those named in Zuneth Sattaes  bribery scandal.

HRCC after a press briefings to try and influence Chizumas firing has now changed its tune and has  penned the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament to look into the matter again.

The Grouping has written Parliament, days after calling President Lazarus Chakwera to act which he did not act according to their whims.

Chairperson of the grouping Robert Mkwezalamba has told local radio station MIJ online that: “We want this issue of the leaked audio solved and cleared. In that audio she made allegations that some Judges are corrupt so this can have an impact on cases that ACB takes to Court, how do you work with corrupt individuals?,” 

Some of Mkwezalamba known civil society associates are named in the ACB report as beneficiries of Sattars dirty money.

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