Secret Amnesty for MCP cashgators

Government has been granting secret amnesty to cashgate suspects who are sympathisers or relations of the ruling Malawi Congress Party, local media reported on Saturday.Weekend Nation revealed that up to five 2013 cashgate suspects have walked to freedom by just paying back what they stole from Malawians.

The Investigator Magazine looked at the named five and among those that have walked free include names who have relations within the Malawi Govermment power structure.

The Weekend Nation reported that those freed include Kettle Kamwangala, Fatch Chungano, Cecilia Ng’ambi, Sympathy Chisale and Ndaona Satema.On top is Kamwangala was freed in 2022 as she paid back K16.7 million which she had defrauded from government and she was answering two charges of theft, contrary to Section 278 of the Penal Code and money laundering contrary to Section 35 of the Money Laundering Proceeds of Serious Crime and Terrorist Financing Act.The paper said other four, Chungano, Ng’ambi, Chisale and Satema were discharged from the K2.4 billion case involving former budget director Paul Mphwiyo and others in August 2022 after also paying back with interest a combined total of K120 million, according to the documents.

The Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda offered amnesty to all suspects involved in government including Zuneth Sattar only to be reversed after a public outcry.It remains to be seen whether the latest move by the Justice Ministry to protect looters aligned with the ruling party will be extended to all those named in various scandals.

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