Tadikira bail set at K2 million

The High Court in Mzuzu has granted bail set át K2 millión to Tadikila Mafubza, stepson of former Président  Peter Mutharika.

Mafubza was arrested on 23 November and is being accused  of murder and  human trafficking.

Justice Gladys Gondwe said she did not find the need for continued detention and  ordered Mafubza to pay K2million cash bond, provide two sureties each bonded at K5million non-cash and that he should surrender his passport and all travel documents to police.

Mafubza has also been ordered not to interfere with investigations or contact any witnesses related to the case and report to National police headquarters every Tuesday of a fortnight.

Judge Gondwe said much as a murder case usually attracts a life sentence, any accused person has a right to bail.

She said, the court also found that the submissions provided by the state did not demonstrate the need to continue detaining the suspect.

30 bodies in a massgrave were discovered in Mzimba forest ön 18th November 2022 suspected to be Ethiopians being smuggled tó South África.

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