Thabo aulula mwini galu, to defend Police, CRM

…. State conspiracy in Chizuma firing comes to bare 

Gendani galu mwini wake adziwika literally a local adage translated as hit a dog to know the owner has come to pass after Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda moved with amazing speed to defend the Malawi Police and Chief Resident Magistrate against Law Society of Malawi.

The Investigator Magazine continues to insist that President Lazarus Chakwera and his administration have been working hard to remove Anti Corruption Bureu Director Martha Chizuma and their acts and omissions reveal how far they are prepared to go to defend their unpopular act of defending thieves and the corrupt.

We reported that the President was aware of Chizumas arrest, interdiction and all moves that have been perpetuated to stop Chizuma from arresting and investigating cases related to the President, the Malawi Congress Party and Friends.

Barely a day after the Law Society of Malawi obtained  a stay order against the charges levelled against Chizuma by Malawi Police Service and an interdiction ordered by Chakwera hiding behind Colleen Zamba, Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Chakaka Nyirenda has appointed Kalekeni Kaphale as his representative in the case.

A legal expert said the outsourcing by the Attorney General was a smart move as it helps to avoid conflict of interest.

On the speed of appointment, the legal mind said that was the “amazing part” that government systems would work that fast.

“The speed is what will tell you who the Law Society stay has rattled. The AG can’t move with such speed within a day, this case will tell us who is behind Chizuma debacle,” said another lawyer.

Chakwera attempt to fire Chizuma have been backfiring and the Judicial review already granted by Justice Mike Tembo could include evidence of Chizuma on her arrest after a Commission of Inquiry appointed for the same failed to reveal the real person’s who ordered her arrest.

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