The Investigator inaugural National Hall of Fame

The Investigator Magazine, a news publication that owns the iDigital Platform has launched the National Hall of Fame- an accolade to honour men, women, youth and institutions that have made impact in Malawians society.

The Magazines Publisher Kondwani Bell Munthali said a short list in 13 categories will be listed from 20th December 2022 and those who have made it to the roll will be announced on January 1 each year. 

“Our country is full of people that work everday to make a difference. We are not talking of the already famous but anyone, any nationality that works for Malawi. We hope to have a National Hall of Fame in future where future generations can see and learn their impact to Malawi,” said Munthali.

According to Munthali two slots named Man and Woman To Remember will be awarded posthumously to those that already departed.

The awards have no monetary value but those named will get a medal, a certificatebe and be part of the National Hall of Fame and their profiles published in the Investigator Magazine second edition expected on January 31, 2023.

“We will get expert input to the short listed and each year we hope to add 15 names only. Unless in exceptional circumstances we do not envisage to have more than 15,” he said.

Will they make it on the list?

The categories are- Malawian of the Year which will go to the overall performer in all categories. 1. Politics & Governance Award; 

2. Technology, Science and Innovation Services Award;

3. Human Rights, Disability and Service to Humanity Award; 

4. Media and Public Education Services Award; 5. Philanthropy, Human Security and Social Protection Service Award;

6. Government and Public Service Award;

7. National Service to Arts and Entertainment Award;

8.  National Service to Sports and Games Award;

9. Civic, Religious and Cultural Service Award;

10. National Service to the Environment and Protection of Nature.

11. Institution of the Year.

12. Malawian of the Year

13- Two post humous induction of Malawian to Remember. 

The five names in each category will be published on iDigital – The Investigator Magazines newsite.

Malawians are free to send their comments on the listed names and such views will be taken into consideration.

There is no voting on the nominated names.

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