We didn’t arrest the farmer- Police

The Malawi Police Service says it did not arrest or beat a farmer who quizzed President Lazarus Chakwera as shown in a video clip that has gone viral on social  media.

The tobacco farmer Msaiwale Zakaria was also asked by Police to release a video showing that he had not been beaten for telling off the President.

Police say the individual they were dragging  and pulling in the video clip is a Kawale based MCP Youth Leaguer Dala Kadula.

Zakaria quizzed President Chakwera when he opened the Auction Floors to explain the rationale of raising tobacco minimum price by K50 only whilst soy beans and maize farmers have increases over K300.

“The maize farmers accessed cheap fertiliser at K15,000 while us in tobacco farmers got it at K75,000 does that make sense to you,” the President could not give an answer.

The episode was broadcast live on Television sending social media into frenzy.

Minutes later a video clip surfaced showing at least 10 Police officers dragging a man in dark clothes.

Social media exploded.

Peter Kalaya, National Police Spokesperson, has said its officers used appropriate and proportionate force to contain a violent man who acted savagely by forcing his entry at a restricted gate and manhandled a police officer during a presidential function at the Auction Floors.

Kalaya confirmed the name of the two individuals.

“To this effect, MPS implores on Civil Society Organisations in the country to make sure that they investigate and gather all facts on issues before they comment on. The Service wonders how CDEDI could go as far as releasing a public statement and make unfounded allegations before getting facts on the ground,” says Kalaya in  statement.

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