Jappie disowns running mate poster

Treasurer General for the erstwhile ruling party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Jappie Mhango has dismissed a poster claiming him to be running mate to Party leader Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Internal DPP fights are now at the peak with movement for Mutharika gathering momentum as almost all Regional Governors and half of the party vice Presidents have endorsed Mutharika return.

Mhango was among the first and a poster declaring him running mate started circulating on social media.

He quickly distanced himself from the poster.

“I am busy with making sure every DPP vote goes to Professor Peter Mutharika. That poster is just one of those desperate propagandas trying to portray those of us championing the Presidents return in bad light,” said Mhango.

He said Malawians cannot afford another experiment in government as it has been costly under the try and error leadership of Tonse Alliance.

“President Mutharika will only serve five years, restoring stability that Malawians desperately need in this economic chaos. His job is cut for him, bring back fiscal discipline and Malawi should start growing. After 5 years a DPP candidate can continue. Why try new things when you have experience already,” said Mhango.

He said people are deliberately twisting their messages, he asked the party to be united to ensure it goes back to government.

“Voters don’t know some of our candidates. They know and have experienced Mutharikas regime. They know by miles is far better, food was never an issue, the same with foreign exchange. Prices were stable for six years under the Mutharika regime, we want him to come back and sort the mess as he did after cashgate,” said Mhango.

DPP political machinery is now out in full roll with Publicity Secretary Nicholas Dausi expected to be the first senior party member to rebutt Mutharikas return.

We will have a full analysis of the DPP fight on Friday.

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