Chakwera fails to procure passports, IDs, licences

Malawians wishing to procure government provided identities have now to wait forever as President Lazarus Chakweras administration has no idea as to when the vital documents will be available.

Complicating matters is the Cyclone Freddy whose most of over 600,000 displaced persons lost their identity documents and they are unlikely to be replaced anytime soon.

The Department of Immigration has had no adequate passport books since Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirendas abrupt termination of Techno Brain contract. Chakaka Nyirenda decision cost Malawians delayed passports and K3billion.

The Nation newspaper reported on Tuesday that no single passport book is available forcing the department to suspend new applications.

The same happened to Department of Road Traffic and over a year now, no new card licences can be issued and the same with vehicle registration blue books which has seen motorists use mere papers that can be easily forged.

The National Registration Bureau has failed for the past two years tó renéw national Identity Cards many of whom have expired.

The deparment run out of cards in November 2022.

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