Nyamilandu, Marinica abandon Flames game

..Police batter asthmatic  patient 

Football Association of Malawi President Walter Nyamilandu and his national Team Coach Mario Marinica  abandoned the battered Flames game before it finished.

The national humiliation saw the tired fans stage protest to Walters long reign at the FA and also Marinica who is paid a hefty K13.4 million but has only scored tears of the weary supporters.

At the game which was characterised by tear gas and beating of innocent fans by Malawi Police, saw them briefly detained a former Students Union leader and asked him to delete photos of one asthmatic fan who they had battered and was bleeding.

The Investigator Magazine is asking the fans on the North stand to bring forth pictures of the bleeding fan.

Malawi was beaten 4-0 and former journalist turned politician Mike Bango noted the two Flames bosses early departure.

Bango a well respected sports commentator said on his Facebook post that it was first time in history to see the FA boss and national coach leave the stadium early.

Walter left before the third goal as banners calling for his resignation were every where while Marinica is said to have left 15 minutes before the end of the game

We have asked the two for comment we will update when we receive comment.

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