Declare, compete equally, Dausi dares Mutharika

…..mandate expires 2 July, 2023

DPP President Peter Mutharika should declare his interest to run as a party torch bearer and face anyone who wants to challenge him, party spokesperson Nicholas Dausi has challenged.

A highly charges Dausi flanked by majority of DPP legislators told the media in Lilongwe on Thursday afternoon that “the chaos” being championed by pro-Mutharika camp cannot go unchecked.

“We do not appoint anyone a Chief to be President for life. Neither do we have sort of coronation. So far we have five candidates and if the former President Peter Mutharika wants to run, he should declare. Nobody should use his name to fight others,” said Dausi.

Dausi who was cheered by the parliament contingent of the party said it was time the party opened up campaign.

“One day they say don’t campaign. The next others are running endorsements of a candidate. How do you expect people to be elected without campaign. That is confusion,” said Dausi.

The former Minister of Homeland Security in Mutharika administration said the party was founded on democratic principles and they cannot be wished away.

“After 2 July, nobody will have mandate to run the party. We can’t run the party from backdoor. Anybody who wants to contest let them come out and campaign freely and openly,” he said.

Dausi who is the first senior officials to openly challenge endorsements that have mainly come from regional party officials said  the DPP needed to do soul searching before embarking on self destruction mode.

“There things we did wrong that’s why we lost. We need to do soul searching. Malawians need a strong opposition. We should give others a chance,” said Dausi.

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