Independence from Mneneri Joshua Chisa Mbele

Rise and Refuse to be Poor

The Kaunda road was built between 1977~ 79. It was the time Area 49 was established. Area 49  were people moved from Chigoneka to pave way for the construction of Reserve Bank Houses.

My memories of Chigoneka Township are very fresh. I vividly see where our house was and the shops. I was only 13 years. Very handsome. 

My brother’s  house was always abuzz with people from different walks of life. Our Illicit trade of ivory, rhino horns and animal skins was the main attraction. I remember one Mr Matope from Mwanza. 

I remember Mr Butao who had spent time in jail after being caught with ivory pieces at Bua River Roadblock in Kasungu.

One character that stands out to this very hour is Mr Mandele. He was from Balaka. He was the Caterpillar D8 Driver. He worked in the South Korean Project that built Kaunda Road. 

On this particular day he came home. He was always drunk. With endless hilarious stories. On this occasion he came to thank Mr White for giving him a Chicken that was about to die on its own. Imadwala Chigodola. He asked if there weren’t more chickens that were sick. 

Bwana White, podwala Chigodolapo ndinangopathira Tsabola ndi Mchere wambiri. Sikukoma kwake.

We all laughed. 

I want to reflect on this one;

While we were saddened that our chickens were sick and dying, Mr Mandele saw a feast.

On his own, he could not afford to buy a chicken.

He was happy that he was getting free chickens though sick.

He didn’t care that he would catch the chicken flu. 

The disease ended after marinating it with lots of chill and salt, roasting it till it was golden brown. 

Our misery was his happy hour.

Hence he came to ask if there weren’t any more sick chickens.

Mr Mandele passed on when I was at Robert Blake.

Coming home from School, Mr White narrated how Mandele was discovered dead in his house.

He died drunk. To this hour Mandele doesn’t know that he died.

Mandele could be long gone BUT we still have many Mandeles with us.

People who are jubilant that things are not working in Malawi because for them it’s time for feast.

It’s not by accident that Malawi is poor. It’s actually deliberately poisoned so that they can feed on poor masses. 

Your miseries are their source of wealth. 

Mismanaged economy is what they pray for.

Mr White, Kodi palibe Nkhuku zina zodwala?

Paul Mphwiyo who has reportedly fled the country on the eve of his judgement in his criminal trial once said:

Malawi Government is a criminal enterprise.

This was a Cashgate King confessing.

Ladies and gentlemen, it can not be true that after 59 years of political independence we are still this poor because Malawi is poor. 

I refuse to accept.

We are in the happiness era of Mr Mandele in which  he celebrated the dying chickens. 

Mr White, Kodi Palibe zina nkhuku zodwala? 

When you are feasting on the sick economy, feasting on chaos, feasting on incompetence, feasting on disorganisation and dysfunction, you can only ask for more sick chickens.

59 years languishing in poverty. 

59 years of hopelessness 

59 years of helplessness 

59 years of being exploited.

You must get tired.

Get angry 

You must rise and refuse to be poor on someone’s behalf.

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