Urgent appeal for Former Police Chief

This appeal has been issued by Mr Onjezani Kenani.

Once again, I come before you with an urgent matter. I would like to appeal for some funds to help a man I hold in highest regard, former Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Lot Dzonzi.

Kindly note that I have been given clearance by Mr. Dzonzi to send out this appeal, and everything I write herein is with his consent.

In April 2020, Mr. Dzonzi got injured. To his surprise the wound would not heal. Months passed. In fact one whole year. This, doctors informed him, was due to diabetes. By May 2021, there as a terrible infection, leaving doctors with no option but to amputate his leg below the knee.

With amputation naturally comes the problem of mobility. To ease that, a clinic in Lilongwe provided him with a prosthetic leg. While this seemed to be good news, there arose a different problem. To begin with the prosthetic is too heavy. Not only that, each time he wears it blisters emerge on the scar. The blisters are extremely painful and take anything between six to eight weeks to heal. What if one day these wounds do not heal at all, like last time? Therein lies the danger.

Luckily, a solution is on the horizon. A new prosthetic leg has been found, the type won by athletes, with more advanced technology. It is lighter, made of much softer material and certainly far much better for his health. 

But there is a catch: the new prosthetic leg costs K2.1 million. I am making this appeal to help raise this money so we can help Mr. Dzonzi to buy this prosthetic leg. Earlier this morning, I spoke to a friend who has sent me K250,000, and a friend to Mr. Dzonzi, who first reached out to me, has also pledged K100,000. This means there is a deficit of K1,750,000. I now write to appeal to those who wish to help, to raise the K1,750,000 needed.

This man did so much for our country, and what a humble man. Some, with the privilege of serving as Inspector-General – the highest rank in the Malawi Police Service – could have walked away billionaires. Not Mr. Dzonzi. All he did was retire with his integrity. 

If you would like to help, kindly send the money to my bank account, Stanley Kenani, account No. 1855988, National Bank of Malawi, Lilongwe branch; Airtel Money 0999925587, 0993295317 (both numbers are in the name of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Gladson Chipumphula), or TNM Mpamba, 0881049927, also in the same name. 

I will, as usual, update you at every turn. Mr. Dzonzi has specifically instructed me to pay the amount directly to the clinic, if we are lucky to raise the total required. He does not want to receive the cash personally.

Your help is going to be deeply, deeply appreciated.

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