Kondwani Ngwira’s cement drive faces resistance.

Innovator Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira’s call for people to contribute bags of cement to build cyclone Freddy survivors strong homes has met social media resistance with majority asking him to “manufacture his own cement” for the cause.
Kachamba Ngwira whose popularity rose in 2022 when he launched massive manufacturing training programmes dubbed as game changers to stop imports, has faced questions before after several mega projects including Filling Stations, Cooperate TV and Radio and Cooking Oil Plant failed to take off.
Several investors have hired a lawyer to recoup their initial investments between K600 000 to K2.4 million. A dozen investors who deposited funds in his personal account also claimed he had taken them off “Executive Groups” and does not respond to their queries.
The Investigator Magazine has a ton of WhatsApp messages, deposit slips and exchanges between Kachamba Ngwira and several individuals who paid funds for his projects, but nothing has come out of it.

“I need 20 people to pledge 2 bags of cement for the project.  You will never regret this decision in your life. Come inbox and pledge” said Kachamba Ngwira in a post that set the fire on social media. He has over 103,000 followers on his Facebook Page.
“I am confused. Cement ogula? I thought anthu asonkhe dollar ya materials opangila cement,” responded one of his followers. Another one added, “Tiyeni tingopanga tokha, mmesa paja munatiphunzitsa.”
Kachamba Ngwira has been advocating replacement of hordes of shop items from soap to cement and food stuffs that he promised to help build 200 new companies in 2022.
His followers seem to remember his pledge to stop buying and majority on his post asked him to ask for materials so that they could manufacture their own cement as he trained them. This spooked an angry response from the innovator.

“Malawians chimatipha ndi nsanje ndi ufiti. Anthu Ali ku camp avutika 3 day wina akuba ufa nkugulitsa . Pano we are busy kusonkhanisa cement wina amvekere manufacture. Komweko ku camp wina akukana nyemba akuti afuna nyama chonsecho ndi donation .How do u manufacture Malo oti miyala ya cement kulibeko …Mitengo ikhala ingati yophikila cement yo, and gyspum tikakumbe ku mponela ndikumutumiza ku south kumene kuli ma victims .munthu ooneka ngati ozindikila koma IQ levels very low, moti ur brain can’t tell you kuti iyi ndi emergency. Tayani nsanje amalawi muchedwa. Please those supporting ngati FB kuyankha ikuchedwa What’sapp 0991418837. Thanks,” said Kachamba Ngwira.

The Investigator Magazine will publish the full extent of projects Kachamba Ngwira has fundraised from the public after the Cyclone Freddy mourning period. The amounts are in excess of K75 million across his six projects that have failed to take off with investors demanding refund.

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