You have failed Malawi-CCJP tells Chakwera

Malawi is quickiy turning into a failed state; the indicated are so vivid in the eyes of many, perhaps except the countrys leadership, the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace has declared.

In one of many low ratings on governance of President Lazarus Chakweras administration, the CCJP cites high public debt, poor subsidy programme implementation, attacks and killings of the elderly and persons with albinism.

The recent arrest of the Head of Anti Corruption Buerau Martha Chizuma, revelations of fuel deals ochestrated by Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba and silence from Government all make it part of the indicators of a failed state.

“Corruption remains one of the insurmountable challenges to President Lazarus Chakwera Government. It is a serious human rights and development obstacle which is thriving unbated,” reads the letter signed by all the CCJP coordinators.

The human rights and development advocacy arm of the influential Roman Catholic Church says the President has been both a critic of the ACB and its supporters that tthis”creates uncetartainty and doubts” over the Presidents full support against corruption. 

“Malawians would not want to be reminded of dark, gloomy and brutal days of the one party political dispensation where human rights observence was non existent in an era the Police were used as an apparatus to silence Političal dissent” the letter reads.

The CCJP also questions the President’s silence over serious allegations raised against SPC Zamba noting that “rent seeking, bribery, nepotism and favouratism” has engulfed fuel procurement which benefits the political class.

“The failure by President Chakwera to comment or take action on such revelations.. demonstrates lack of political will and leadership in dealing with grand corruption in the country. 

“This posture by the State President does not augur well with his official and public speeches in which he purpotedly claims to be a champion of the anti-corruption fight,” the letter adds.

The letter raps Government for failing to protect people with albinism and the elderly calling it one of the empty promises given by this administration.

“The socio-economic reality encountered by the majority of Malawians is quite appalling and the state of political governance and human rights is regrettably parthetic and deplorable.

“This is happening while the political leadership seems to have abrogated its obligatory mandate to safe guard the common good,” says the CCJP.

The Investigator sought comment from State House and Government spokesperson they have both yet to respond.

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